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Hey SSB Creatives,

We get it – a creative block hits harder than Monday mornings. Am I right?

It’s not fun, and unfortunately it happens to all of us. We're diving into the trenches of the creative abyss to bring you battle-tested strategies proven to kick your creative block.

1. Embrace the Void
Yep, you heard it right. Sometimes, the best way out is through. Embrace the creative void, stare it down, and let it know you're not backing down. It's okay to experience this; in fact, it's all about learning how to handle it.

2. Change the Scenery
Is your desk starting to feel like a creative black hole? Change it up. Head to a coffee shop, a park, or even just the other side of the room. A change in scenery can jolt your brain out of its creative slumber.

3. Embrace Constraints
Now, this one may not be for everyone - But, constraints are not your enemy; they can be exactly what you need to kickstart those creative ideas. Try setting some constraints, whether it's a tight deadline or limited color palette.

4. Get Out of Your Head
Remember the sheer joy of creating without overthinking when you were young? Channel that inner child. By unleashing your playful side, you may be able to reignite that creative spark.

5. Take a Breather
Step away from the screen. Seriously. Take a walk, practice some mindfulness, or indulge in a hot bath. A well-deserved breather can do wonders for your creative mojo.

6. Collaborate and Conquer
Two heads are often better than one. Collaborate with a colleague, bounce ideas off a friend, or join a creative community. Sometimes, a fresh perspective is all it takes to shatter the creative block.

7. Learn Something New
Break the monotony by diving into uncharted territory. Pick up a new skill, explore a different art form, or delve into a subject you know nothing about. The unfamiliar can be a breeding ground for fresh ideas.

There you have it – some tried-and-true strategies that we often lean into when needed. Remember, a creative block is not a dead end; it's just a detour. Embrace it, navigate it, and use these strategies to conquer it. Happy creating! 


The SSB Team

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