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Subcultr Studio Image Usage Policy

At Subcultr Studio, we believe in empowering creatives without unnecessary restrictions. Our image licensing terms are straightforward, designed to respect your work and uphold integrity.

Your purchase includes a non-exclusive, limited use Standard License. The following terms apply for all purchases:


Permitted Usage

  • Use images for personal or business purposes online and in print.
  • Edit images freely, incorporating changes like color adjustments, filters, cropping, and text overlays.
  • Utilize images on your website, social media, and digital products without the need for attribution.
  • Integrate images into digital products like e-books and PDFs, ensuring they are flattened and not the primary component of the product.


  • Avoid claiming images as your own; Subcultr Studio retains original image rights.
  • Refrain from using scene creators to produce derivative digital products such as mockups or templates.
  • Do not redistribute, sell, or lend images to third parties.
  • Do not transfer membership or login credentials to third parties without contacting us directly.
  • Images cannot be used to promote illegal activities, pornography, or spread negative messages.


While crediting is not mandatory, it's appreciated. Feel free to share the love if you choose to credit.

Client Usage

Designers can incorporate our images into client website designs, modifying them as part of the project. Images can be used for a single client project, but not across multiple clients without separate purchases.

Derivative Products

Designers can create derivative End Products under the Standard License, ensuring they don't compete with the original product. Do not resell or share our images as standalone images; modified images must be flattened. Our images cannot be used in website themes or design templates for sale without an Extended License.


Subcultr Studio values your creativity and respects the effort put into your work. By adhering to these terms, you contribute to a positive and collaborative creative environment.

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